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Could Have Fooled Me V


Could Have Fooled Me V was an exploration of contemporary Art staged at the Upwey Old School Village Hall on 5th & 6th April 2014.

Traditionally this event has been staged on 1st April, which hints at the nature of the work displayed.

The Sub-Title for the 2014 exhibition was "50 Shades of Brown". This theme was a major influence for some of the participants, but completely ignored by others. It stems from the dominant colour of Bill Crumbleholme's normal pottery production and his colour-blindness. Other participants have been keen to explore this "drab" world. Look out for images produced using the colour-blind filter available for Photoshop :- (

The Saturday evening also featured involvement with the International Festival of Tabletop Games, from late afternoon there were tables set up for groups of people to engage with a variety of games.

There was no event in 2013.

There is an archive of images from the gallery in 2012 at this link.

The 2011 Could Have Fooled Me III event is archived at this webpage.

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