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Diane Crumbleholme

01305 812030



Diane is a member of:
Ancient Wessex Network

Current Events

Past Events

2nd May 2015
to 2nd May 2015
Ancient Wessex Network Living History Day at Salisbury Museum 2nd May 2015
Salisbury Museum Rear Lawn
24th March 2012
to 25th March 2012
Ancient Wessex Network at Max Gate March 2012
Max Gate
1st April 2011
to 2nd April 2011
Could Have Fooled Me III
Video Projection
Main Gallery - Old School

Diane Crumbleholme | Profile

Artseeker Director and Ancient Wessex Network collaborator.

More Information About Diane

Diane supports husband Bill with the management of Artseeker Ltd.

Her artistic efforts are featured in all the Could Have Fooled Me exhibitions, having achieved record breaking sales figures during one show.

Diane works with the Ancient Wessex Network, undertaking creative activities that follow her interests in ancient methods of food preparation and cooking and also textile making.

She also sometimes helps out with the pottery making.

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